Local Health Professional Launches New Fitness And Nutrition App

In the crowded marketplace of fitness and nutrition, one local health professional is looking to offer a personalized solution for women who are seeking balance in their busy lives. Loretta Holmes, owner of Bella Coaching Services in St. Joseph, is excited to announce the launch of her newly created fitness app – Stella Gets Fit. Available for download on June 1 (available on Apple and Android), Stella Gets Fit combines the connected worlds of food and movement to offer customized workout and nutrition plans designed on an individual level. In addition to personalized plans, clients receive access to a vast library of workouts, meal plans, recipes, and coaching from a certified personal trainer. The app even includes goal-setting features, group and individual challenges, and habit tracking to keep clients moving and motivated throughout their health journey.

The creation and launch of Stella Gets Fit reflects the natural progression of Loretta’s career as a board-certified life coach, master health + wellness coach, and NLP Practitioner. After serving as a classroom teacher for over a decade, Loretta opened Bella Coaching Services as a resource for little humans struggling with ADHD, anxiety, and anger. Through this experience, Loretta witnessed the crucial connection between physical and emotional wellness and wanted to provide a resource to help others achieve balance in both realms. As a passionate advocate for women’s health specifically, Stella Gets Fit is designed by and for women only.  In addition, the app is limited to 300 participants, ensuring individual coaching attention and an exclusive community of supporters.

Women interested in being part of the Stella Gets Fit community can learn more about the program at stellagetsfit.com. According to Loretta, “The combination of personalized plans (created by a woman, for women) and an exclusive community makes Stella Gets Fit a unique product in the marketplace. I’m excited to provide this customized tool as a way to help women pursue a more balanced approach to health and wellness.”

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