MI Treasury Says Ignore & Delete Unclaimed Property Text Messages

If you have received text messages in recent days alleging that you have unclaimed property in the state of Michigan with offers to reunite you with your long lost loot, the Michigan Treasury is strongly suggesting that you both ignore and delete them as it’s likely a scam and is not affiliated in any with the the department of Treasury.

Treasury officials report today that the messages are coming from unknown sources, and are highly suspect.

Over the last week, the state Treasury Department has received reports about random text messages going out to the public stating that individuals have unclaimed property at random dollar amounts. The text message asks the recipient to click on a link to claim their property, resembling a phishing scam.

Deputy State Treasurer Ann Good says, “Please do not interact with or respond to these texts,”  warning, “These messages are not affiliated with the state Treasury Department and could be a scam. If you have questions about unclaimed property, visit our website or contact us directly.”

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The state Treasury Department is the custodian of millions of dollars in lost or forgotten assets from dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, valuables left in safe deposit boxes and stock certificates. Because these properties were considered abandoned and unclaimed by the bank or company entrusted with them, they are turned over to the state as required by law.

In the last five years, more than $400 million has been paid to various claimants.

You can search the archives yourself for unclaimed property on the Michigan Unclaimed Property website at the link below. Claimants may also call 517-636-5320 between 9 am and noon Mondays and Fridays and between 9 am and 2 pm Tuesday through Thursday. Here’s the direct link: http://www.michigan.gov/unclaimedproperty