Michigan Joins Clean Energy Initiative

Within minutes of word that Michigan today has joined a bipartisan national effort to advance clean energy, at least two major business groups have voiced overwhelming support for the decision by Governor Rick Snyder to join the multi-state coalition.

Liesel Clark is President of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council. Clark says, "Governor Snyder knows that Michigan's clean energy sector has the potential to thrive and grow with leadership from the legislature and we applaud him for leading on the national level to advance clean energy. Michigan's clean energy sector is a huge success and increasing our renewable energy and energy efficiency standards will spur innovation, spark investment and create jobs."

Governor Snyder is one of 17 governors nationwide to sign on to the "Governor's Accord for a New Energy Future."

Jim Byrum is President of the Michigan Agri-Business Association. He immediately responded with a statement on behalf of the agri-business community, saying, "Today's announcement by governors across the nation, including Governor Snyder, in support of clean energy echoes a critical priority of our agribusiness members: we want and need strong policy in place to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy." Byrum adds, "Leaders across Michigan agriculture know there's opportunity to save money, strengthen our businesses and boost our sustainability by embracing energy savings and even generating our own power. We will continue to work closely with the Governor's office, Michigan Legislature and our utilities in support of expanded clean energy and we hope that today's announcement will serve as a springboard for additional progress by the administration on this important issue."

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The "Governor's Accord for a New Energy Future" is a bipartisan initiative that helps states capture clean energy opportunities across the nation, and tackle growing energy challenges. Those states who are involved in the Accord will:

  • Diversify energy generation and expand clean energy sources
  • Modernize energy infrastructure
  • Encourage clean transportation options
  • Plan for energy transition
  • Work together to make transformational policy changes
  • Secure a stronger national energy future

The Accord was announced this morning by a bipartisan group of 17 governors.

For decades, states have been leading the way toward a more prosperous, secure and sustainable American energy future. States that lead in energy innovation will build a strong foundation for economic growth in the decades to come. The Accord will help governors collaborate on policy, planning and best practices. 

While each state's energy needs and resources are unique, collaboration on a national scale is key to energy policy progress. Governor participating in the Accord are committed to working together to achieve a stronger national energy future for the 21st century.

For his part Governor Rick Snyder said, "This is a great collaborative effort. States across the country have shown leadership and used different tools to improve their energy in ways that work at home for their residents. In Michigan, rate-payers have saved more that $4-billion by reducing energy waste. This partnership will help us further adapt and identify best practices as we work to make energy more affordable, reliable and environmentally protective."

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