Netflix Warns Members: Don’t Get Hooked By Phishing Scam

It’s not bad enough they want your Facebook log-in or bank account information, now thieves are reportedly using a phishing scheme against Netflix members in a sophisticated new way to steal your data and maybe the treasure behind it all.

According to a worldwide alert issued to Netflix users and members, the elaborate scam sends you an e-mail contending that your billing information must be updated, supposedly because it is no longer valid.

When you click the link that is sent to you in that e-mail, if your are unfortunate enough to receive one, the thieves have elaborately disguised their theft mechanism to appear as if you have, in fact, landed on the real Netflix website. Instead, you will have landed on a spoofed page, alleged to be from Netflix, that will then ask for your first and last name, your date of birth, your current billing address, and – worst of all – the name on your credit card used for Netflix subscriptions and the number on the card, your expiration date and that little security code on the back. Don’t do it!

Once you have entered that information, those being scammed will see a screen suggesting that all is good – your account has been reactivated. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting among us, all of that information looks very real and appears to have originated from the Netflix website. Again – that’s a lie.

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First and foremost, Netflix will be the first to tell you that they will never ask for any personal information by sending you an e-mail. Netflix officials say that they will never ask you by e-mail for any information such as:

  • Your payment information (such as credit card numbers, PINs, debit card numbers, etc)
  • Your Social Security number in any form, or any other tax identification number
  • Your account password

Netflix says if you believe that you have received the scam phishing message, you should visit their Help Center to learn how to report it through the proper channels.

If you ever need to, you can contact the real Netflix by sending an email to:

Netflix is asking all members “If you received a suspicious or phishing email, forward it to and delete the email.”

They are also strongly encouraging anybody who may have inadvertently provided detailed information about yourself and your accounts to any fake website as a result of a phishing email you should immediately contact your bank, credit union, or credit card company and then change your Netflix password as well.