New Business Development Money Headed to Van Buren County from USDA

With economic development at the forefront of growth in most communities across the nation, there’s a new leg up for the economic development team in Van Buren County thanks to new investment from the federal government. The new plan will help tie together various components of public and private sectors to get everybody on the same page when it comes to economic development in the county.

Congressman Fred Upton says that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced this week a new investment in Van Buren County totaling $41,000.

Upton was pleased with the money, saying, “This new rural development investment will help Van Buren County thrive and grow. By bringing local leaders together on a county-wide economic development plan, we can chart the course for a brighter, more prosperous future.” The Congressman adds, “I’m particularly pleased the grant will focus on improving Internet connectivity, something I’ve discussed at length with folks – our farmers in particular – across Southwest Michigan.”

The USDA Rural Development investment will be used to fund a comprehensive county-wide economic development plan for Van Buren County. The plan is designed to focus on three critical areas:

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  • Transportation
  • Workforce Housing
  • Internet Connectivity

All of those areas are critical to the economic growth and future planning of Van Buren County. The new plan will allow government officials to focus on areas of documented need going forward which will create a better place to live and work in Van Buren County.

Zachary Morris will facilitate the grant money and the collaborative process of bringing teams together to get the business development plan up and running in the coming months.

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