Paquette’s Concealed Pistol Plan Advances in Lansing

Niles State Rep. Brad Paquette says that state and local governments shouldn’t use your right to defend yourself as a money-maker for themselves. That’s why he’s continuing to push legislation that would reduce the fees to renew a concealed pistol license in the Great Lakes State.

Paquette was before the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee Tuesday when they approved his plan to substantially reduce the concealed pistol license (CPL) renewal fee, allowing more Michiganders the ability to afford their right to bear arms.

Paquette’s plan, hatched from bipartisan collaboration, states the $115 CPL holders pay every five years to renew their license would be substantially reduced to $30, which would compensate for county costs of processing renewals of applications. Paquette says the state’s cost-prohibitive CPL renewal requirement creates an unnecessary financial barrier that could prevent low-income Michiganders from obtaining a permit to carry concealed.

The legislator says, “Between an individual participating in a CPL training course, paying for initial licensing fees and renewal fees, and purchasing a firearm, the cost for Michiganders to lawfully exercise their Second Amendment right is just too high,” and adds, “The CPL renewal fee is a financial burden that needs to be reduced to cover the actual cost to renew a license. The right to defend yourself shouldn’t be a money-maker for local units of government.”

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House Bill 5098 now moves to the House Judiciary Committee for further consideration.