Passionate Fort Miami CrossFit Marks 5-Year Milestone

In a world where there’s seemingly a gym on every third corner trying to get you to be your best self, the rambunctious team at St. Joseph’s Fort Miami CrossFit continues to inspire you to live your best life.

The dynamic duo of Kip & Kelly Kulich continue to drive for the best fully five years after launching their community of support and kindness for all people. Now five years into a regimen of excellence in fitness and health, Fort Miami CrossFit will celebrate their milestone with an anniversary open house this Sunday, August 25th which is open to the public as well as all CrossFit members.

It all started five years ago in Kip and Kelly’s garage with a few friends who believed that fitness could be more than anything that was being offered in the region at the time. They knew they could provide a safe place where anyone could walk through the door and receive the same treatment as anyone else in the class. All clients are considered athletes and they continue to grow and learn how to better all people who walk through their doors.

Today Fort Miami CrossFit celebrates 5 years since they officially opened their doors to the public providing fitness training for all sorts of people. Since opening their doors in 2014 as a CrossFit gym with a passion to teach and guide people to better health, Fort Miami CrossFit has become home to more than 250 regular athletes and helped 1,000’s more through their Boot Camp Jump Start program.

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Kelly says, “Clients choose Fort Miami CrossFit not only because of the expertise of our coaches, but because of our community. The members at Fort Miami are the heart and soul of our operation and are truly what makes our gym unique.” Both husband and wife say, “We want to inspire you to live up to your highest potential. We want to educate you on how to move properly and live a longer, healthier life. And we want to challenge you to dig deep to find reservoirs of strength you never knew you had … all within a community that we call family.”

Now, five years after that humble start in their garage, Fort Miami CrossFit is in a massive facility with 2 separate coaching spaces. They have 3 weightlifting platforms, strongman equipment, and two separate rigs available for use.

Plus, Fort Miami CrossFit continues to grow and is looking to expand their efforts in the upcoming year by offering more kids classes, a 55+ specialized class, and adding a strength program to the thriving teens class.

Additionally, Fort Miami CrossFit has restructured their Boot Camp program for this fall and they are excited to offer a new leveled program to help even more people in a safe and positive environment.

The Kulich family doesn’t do it alone. Gus Weber leads a 10 member coaching team and Amanda Sutton is Operations Manager for the facility at 3905 M-139 in Suite 101 across from Pater True Value Hardware at the Scottdale crossroads. Kelly says, “Fort Miami CrossFit could not do what it does without the passion and work of those two and all of the coaches and employees.”

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