Police Ask Help to ID Thieves

Perhaps they were going to a Super Bowl party and didn't want to show up empty handed…maybe they were just short on cash…or maybe they do this all the time. Whatever is the case, St. Joseph Township Police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a couple of thieves who apparently worked in tandem to steal things from The Liquor Cabinet at 1332 Hilltop Road in St. Joseph this weekend. 

Police are asking you to take a look at three high definition video surveillance screen captures showing two people who are suspected of larceny from The Liquor Cabinet. 

The photos show two people entering the liquor store and both standing alone at the check out counter. The pictures are all date stamped from just seconds before 11pm on Friday night, February 5th until nearly six minutes after 11pm that night. 

St. Joseph Township authorities posted all three screen shots on their Facebook page Saturday and are asking for your help in identifying the thieves involved. There was no immediate indication as to what, or how much, the two took in the incident or whether anyone else was involved. There were no indications that anyone was hurt in the larceny, either.

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If you know either of the people shown in the photos seen here, please contact or call the St. Joseph Township Police Department directly at 429-6890. 

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