“Pop Your Collar” for Charity at LakeHouse UWSM Pop Up Giving

Wikipedia tells us, “In 1980, Lisa Birnbach published The Official Preppy Handbook, in which she extolled the “virtues of the upturned collar.” She argued that rather than being a sports innovation, the upturned collar on a tennis shirt was simply a signal that the wearer is a “preppy.” Despite this obviously tongue-in-cheek characterization, Ms. Birnbach did correctly identify that one was more likely to view an upturned collar on the beaches of Nantucket than one would in middle America.”

Nevertheless, ordinary people in middle America who would not otherwise have done so began to wear the collars of their tennis shirts turned up as a popular culture trend, but not because of the collar’s utilitarian purpose of blocking the sun. During the 1980s, many celebrities wore upturned collars, but the style ultimately seemed to pass out of popular culture fashion by the middle of the 1990s.

In the early 2000s, the upturned collar underwent a resurgence in popularity as a trend in the popular culture, particularly in the United States, where some people began to refer to it as a “popped collar.”

Today, many Americans regard the trend as having worn out, and thus the wearer of an upturned collar can be the object of mockery and scorn. Welcome to my world.

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I have worn a “popped collar” for decades whether cool or not, whether fashionable or not, and even through lots of finger-pointing and laughter. I don’t care. I wear it that way purely for personal comfort. I dress for myself, not for others.

Now…you can join me for one simple evening of popped collar fun to help raise some much needed money for a nonprofit agency under the umbrella of the United Way of Southwest Michigan.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, August 8th, from 5 until 7pm, make your way with me to the LakeHouse Restaurant & Bar overlooking Lake Michigan for United Way of SW Michigan’s 4th “Pop Up Giving” event, where you get the chance to decided where the funds will go.

It’s fast. It’s fun. It has instant impact.

Thanks to my infamous habit of “popping” my collar, United Way organizers asked me to host the event, and the best part is if you pop your own collar during the event, you will earn an extra vote to help your own favorite non profit agency.

Three local basic needs nonprofits will compete for your votes and the money:

  • The Avenue Family Network
  • CASA of Southwest Michigan
  • Senior Nutrition Services

Each agency will have just three minutes to pitch a project that will impact the community. You, as members of the audience will then have five minutes to complete your ballots to determine the winner.

Proceeds from ticket sales are combined to create a “Donation Pot.” Second and third place finishers each receive consolation cash prizes of $250, while the organization with the most votes wins all of the rest of the money, and keep in mind that the event sponsor, my friends at Kinexus Group have already kicked in $1,500 to get the pot started!

Individual tickets are just $20 and will earn you one free drink and light appetizers provided by LakeHouse and your vote. The doors will open at 5 pm, with the presentations slated to begin at 5:45 pm.

Click the link below to get your tickets right now…or you can get them at the door, as well:


I expect to see all of my Facebook friends, readers of Moody on the Market and more to be there and help set a new record for Pop Up Giving! What’s not to like with drinks and appetizers along the lake bluff to help launch your weekend a day early!? See you there!