Public Info Meeting To Examine Palisades Shutdown & Economic Impact

The coming permanent shutdown of the Palisades Nuclear Plant and the economic impact of that move are increasingly taking up ‘mindspace’ of Van Buren County government leaders and business people.  There’s a committee to analyze and communicate the facts to local citizens.  And that panel is meeting  next week.

Holtec International, the company in charge of de-constructing the plant,  will be presenting at the April 13 meeting of the Palisades Community Advisory Panel (PCAP) to provide an overview of the proposed timeline for the decomissioning of the Palisades Plant. In addition, the Economic Growth Institute will present initial findings on the projected economic impact of the Palisades plant closure.

“The PCAP serves as a space for community members to share their concerns, seek answers to questions, and be connected to official information regarding the closure of the Palisades plant,” said Sarah Snoeyink, Programs and Projects Manager at Market Van Buren and Community Liaison for the PCAP. “In this meeting, we hope the community will receive information that answers their questions regarding Holtec’s plan for decommissioning and the local economic impact of the Palisades’ closure.”

The April 13 meeting of the PCAP will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the South Haven Campus of Lake Michigan College, located at 125 Veterans Boulevard. Members or the public are invited to attend in person or virtually via Zoom. Details on how to access the meeting virtually, along with meeting agenda and other materials, can be found on Van Buren County’s website.

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Meeting materials will be released on the County’s website one week prior to the meeting.

“We know there are members of the public that have questions about Holtec’s plan for the decomissioning of the Palisades plant,” said Joe Delmar, Senior Director of Government Affairs and Communications at Holtec International. “This meeting will provide community members an opportunity to learn more about the proposed decomissioning timeline and key steps in the decomissioning process.”

“The Economic Growth Institute is looking forward to sharing our initial findings regarding the projected economic impact of the closure of the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant,” said Carmen Wells Quigg, Project Manager at the Economic Growth Institute. “Our presentation will give community members a sense of key industries that will be impacted and will inform the development of the recovery strategy.”

Community members are invited to make comment or submit questions during the meeting’s public comment periods; the public comment period will be open to both virtual and in-person attendees.