Rejuvenated Going-PRO Website Pinpoints High-Demand, Top Dollar Jobs in Michigan

Increasingly we are hearing about top dollar, high-demand jobs that are going unfilled across Michigan, and how recruitment efforts are continually being stepped up. Yet, how often do you hear the question, “Okay, so where can I find one of these jobs, and what do I need to get it?” A whole lot of answers may finally be at your fingertips if the folks in Lansing are correct.

Students and job-seekers will now have a one-stop resource to learn more about the high-demand, high-wage career opportunities in the Professional Trades through the rejuvenated website, That’s the word from Roger Curtis, who serves as the Director of the Talent and Economic Development Department of Michigan, as he unveiled the site at the Grand Rapids Public Schools Innovation Central High School on Tuesday.

Curtis says, “As students and job-seekers are exploring career opportunities in the Great Lakes State, it’s important they consider the rewarding and good-paying careers in the Professional Trades,” and adds, “This new website is designed to drive awareness and consideration among students and job-seekers on these high-demand careers. It’s also about challenging the dated perceptions of these trades and making sure Michigan’s young people understand these are not the dirty-shop-floor jobs of the past; these are high-tech and rewarding careers leading the way in innovation here in Michigan.”

Professional Trades include careers in the following sectors:

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  • Healthcare
  • Information technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Automotive sectors.

Plus, with 545,000 career openings through 2026 and 47,000 new job openings expected annually, Professional Trades employees will be needed for years to come.

Lt. Governor Brian Calley says, “The goal of is to make it easy for Michiganders to learn about careers in the Professional Trades, dive deep into the data, and get connected with a pathway to some great opportunities.” Calley adds, “Professional Trades let you leverage your talents, work ethic, and know-how to do things that truly matter to you, your neighbors and all of Michigan. It’s a tremendous career path to consider.”

The new site features:

  • Professional Trades career salaries and job growth data…
  • ‘A Day in the Life’ series, highlighting professionals in their careers explaining what it’s like and how they got there…
  • Local schools and training facilities to get started in a Professional Trades career…

Curtis contends, “Perhaps the most important aspect of this site is its mobile friendliness.” He notes, “We want to make this a great experience for our young people. So reaching them where they are – on their phones – is a must. It also makes the information portable.”

The updated site will be provided to all Michigan school districts during the 2018-19 school year, with rollouts being planned through October 2018 at schools in Gladwin, Hillsdale, metro-Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Muskegon, Caro, Cadillac and Alpena.

The Lt. Governor points out, “While the target audience is primarily middle and high school students, can also benefit people of all ages seeking new opportunities in a high-demand, high-wage field.” Plus, he says, “This site will become another resource in connecting Michiganders with great-paying careers and closing our state’s talent gap.”

Yesterday’s press conference featured testimonials from workers in a Professional Trades career and workforce development specialists, in addition to Innovation Central High School computer coding and pharmacology student Shamsho Abdi and Innovation Central High School Principal Mark Frost.

The Talent and Economic Development Department of Michigan (Ted) allows the state to leverage its ability to build talent with in-demand skills while helping state businesses grow and thrive. Joining job creation and economic development efforts under one umbrella, Ted consists of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Michigan Strategic Fund, Talent Investment Agency and Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority.

Learn more about Ted by visiting online through this link:

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