Restaurant Association Responds to Resumption of Indoor Dining

As one of the most vocal critics of statewide restrictions on indoor dining at bars and restaurants across Michigan, the President & CEO of the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association, Justin Winslow, is responding to the official news this morning on the resumption of that service on February 1st.  Here is his statement today:

“We welcome the governor’s decision to reopen restaurant dining on February 1 as good, if overdue news. It is now time for this administration to move aggressively towards a more comprehensive reintegration strategy, which includes prioritizing vaccination for the broader hospitality industry and establishing clear metrics for phased reopening to 100 percent capacity of indoor dining. The hospitality industry and its sizable workforce has suffered far worse than its peers from this pandemic, losing nearly 3,000 restaurants and employing 200,000 fewer workers than a year prior.  It also stands to gain the most from a proficient and expedited vaccination schedule, which is why we contend that there is no more important step the governor can take to get Michigan’s economy back on track than restoring public confidence in Michiganders ability to safely dine and travel.”