Retired WHR HR Chief Takes New Role With Chicago Consultancy

The man who headed up Whirlpool Corporation’s Human Resources team for well over a dozen years has landed a new position as a Senior Advisor in Strategic Management with a Chicago-based consulting group, a job he started at the first of the month.

David Binkley, former Chief Human Resources Officer for Whirlppol’s corporate headquarters in Benton Harbor takes the role that was created specifically for him at Vantage Leadership Consulting, a global expert in helping organizations select, integrate, and develop world-class leaders. He joined the Vantage team on September 1st according to company officials.

Binkley says, “Vantage offers me a great platform to do the things I really enjoy, including working with boards, CEOs, and CHROs on executive succession; helping organizations fine-tune their people strategies; identifying and accelerating leadership talent; and coaching leaders to drive business results.” He adds, “When I thought about the intersection of what I do best and where I’d like to do it, Vantage became the obvious choice.”

At Vantage, Binkley leverages more than 30 years of experience within Fortune 150 companies, including the last 15 years as Chief Human Resources Officer at Whirlpool, to help clients integrate new senior leaders into their jobs, assist management teams to perform more cohesively and at a higher level, and provide insightful and objective evaluations of executives and the broader management bench. Binkley’s expertise continues to drive Vantage’s robust consulting depth in executive coaching and talent spotting.

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Binkley will also launch Vantage’s HR strategy and advisory services in 2020. That new service will provide senior HR leaders with the unique opportunity to leverage Binkley’s expertise and insights into becoming sought-after partners with the C-Suite.

Keith Goudy is Managing Partner at Vantage. He says, “We are excited to watch Dave’s experience running human resources for global organizations translate into valuable insights and new services for our clients looking to achieve competitive advantage through their leaders,” and adds, “Dave will also advise C-Suites, senior executives, and boards around issues of succession and strategic talent management.”

During his time at Whirlpool, Binkley played a vital role in making the company a global leader in attracting and developing world-class executive talent. He also successfully steered the corporation through multiple CEO successions. Binkley recently retired from Whirlpool, leaving a leadership pipeline second-to-none.

Binkley’s clients include companies with global reaches in nearly every sector of the marketplace. Vantage principles say he is a perfect fit for them, “demonstrating a tremendous passion for partnering with organizations of all sizes to establish their leadership advantage.”

Vantage Leadership Consulting is the global leader in partnering with organizations to select, onboard and develop leaders who can drive their companies’ business strategies. From selection assessments, to working with teams, to executive coaching, to succession planning, Vantage has spent the past four decades focused on a single mission: Ensuring their customers have the leadership required to win in their marketplace. Founded in 1976, Vantage is based in Chicago, with an additional office in Philadelphia. To learn more, you can click the online link below: