Roadside Right-of-Way Herbicide Spraying Begins Next Month in Van Buren

Van Buren County Road Commission officials are issuing a heads-up notice regarding roadside vegetation control methods slated to be used along the right-of-way of various roads throughout the county beginning next month.

Department officials tell us that a company called The Daltons out of North Webster, Indiana will be performing the work. They are a licensed commercial applicator, and have been contracted by the Van Buren County Road Commission to perform custom chemical (herbicide) vegetation control services along the road right-of-way on a number of roadways throughout the county. Officials says, “The control of brush along the roadsides is critical so as to maintain safe roadside vision.”  Additional information regarding the herbicides being applied may be requested by contacting Lex Dalton at The Daltons, (574) 267-7511.

In addition,  Right Way Control Services out of Zeeland, Michigan, also a licensed commercial applicator, has been contracted to provide an herbicide treatment to control invasive species, such as phragmites and Japanese knotweed, along the road right-of-way as identified by Road Commission staff, SW x SW Corner Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA), property owners, and the motoring public.

The control of these invasive species along roadsides is crucial as roads are high-risk sites for the introduction and spread of invasive species. Transporting seeds and plant parts by vehicles causes invasives to be introduced to other locations. In addition, road maintenance operations often inadvertently transport seeds, soil, and vegetation fragments up and down the road system.  Additional information regarding the invasive species herbicide treatment may be requested by contacting Doug Suttor, Manager, Right Way Control Services at (616) 403-3983.

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Locations to be sprayed include identified invasive species areas, as well as brush control at intersections and other selected areas within the county road right-of-ways, EXCLUDING platted or urban areas, orchards and grape vineyards and certified organic farms that have been registered on the Michigan Specialty Crop Site Registry (DriftWatch).  The applications will begin on approximately September 8th, 2020, and should be complete by October 15th, 2020.

Property owners may request to be omitted from the program by completing an application form and agreeing to accept the responsibility for maintaining the roadside area by the cutting of all roadside weeds, brush and low hanging limbs a minimum distance of 15-feet off the traveled portion of the road and 15-feet above the road surface. If you wish to request an Application Form, you are asked to contact the Van Buren County Road Commission at 269-674-8011, Extension 236, or via email at

The photo of a spray rig accompanying this story is purely for illustration purposes, and is not intended to portray the actual devices to be used in the process.