Sewer Extension Plan Sets the Stage for Massive Expansion at Honor CU Headquarters

When Honor Credit Union relocated its headquarters from St. Joseph to Berrien Springs three years ago, they made sure they had plenty of land mass to be able to expand as the institution continued to grow. Their 37,000 square foot Operations Center just off of the St. Joseph Valley Parkway at M-139 is home to 150 employees, but the credit union has continued to grow through acquisitions and organic growth over the years and now they're poised to need double the space at that headquarters.

That's why Honor Credit Union's Chief Executive Officer, Scott McFarland,  joined the Oronoko Charter Township Board this week to keep discussions alive regarding a $1-million extension of the sewer lines to the west side of the US 31 bypass. Not only did they join the discussions, Honor Credit Union stepped up to the window to assist that critical infrastructure advancement with a $500,000 donation, joining the Kerlikowse family who will kick in $150,000, leaving the township's share at $350,000 to get the work done. The board voted to approve the plan.

The growing financial institution launched operations from Berrien Springs in 2015 and enjoys a partnership with many local Berrien Springs businesses. McFarland says that Honor is excited to begin plans to expand its Operations Center to support the expanding needs of its membership.

In fact, the plans are to more than double the 37,000 square foot operation going forward, resulting in 180 new jobs into the future. McFarland told the township board, “Berrien Springs is a great place to live and do business,” and adds, “We have appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with Oronoko Charter Township on a solution to expand sewer services to support the growth of this thriving community.”

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Oronoko Charter Township Supervisor Mike Hildebrand says, "We are excited to partner with Honor Credit Union and the Kerlikowske Family to make this long-term goal a reality. The Berrien Springs community is ripe for the picking for businesses and families.” Hildebrand adds, “Commercial and residential sites are available throughout our community and will now be served by municipal services on both sides of the US31/M139 interchange.  We look forward to growing with Honor and the rest of our community members and residents."

Partnering with Oronoko Charter Township to move forward with expanding the Operations Center and extending the sewer system is a pivotal point in the credit union’s growth projections. The Kerlikowske family is also contributing to the sewer expansion project and has been instrumental in the process. The expansion opportunity that the sewer system will provide will allow for a preliminary double in Honor’s Operations Center’s current size and capacity. Honor officials say that the expansion would not be possible without the collaboration of the Oronoko Township board, the Kerlikowskes, and other area businesses and community members who have been part of the discussions and planning process.

Hopes are for the sewer extension to be complete within the next 12 to 14 months to allow for construction to begin on the Ops Center expansion project shortly thereafter.

Honor Credit Union serves more than 85,000 members across the State of Michigan. For more information you can call 800.442.2800, or visit