Small Business Association Applauds House GOP COVID Recovery Plan

Calling small business the backbone of Michigan’s economy, the Small Business Association of Michigan this afternoon is applauding the COVID-19 recovery plan released by House Republicans focused on providing direct relief for Michigan’s small businesses struggling during the pandemic.

SBAM President Brian Calley says, “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and it’s an understatement to say most have been struggling during this pandemic,” adding, “This relief plan will help our critical small businesses weather this crisis so that we can bridge the gap and keep paychecks coming for Michigan businesses.”

Calley and Fenton Winery & Brewery owner Ginny Sherrow testified in support of the plan in today’s House Appropriations Committee, where Sherrow shared the struggles her small business has been through trying to survive.

Sherrow says, “The struggles our business has been through over the past 10 months have been excruciating,” and adds, “We have been team players helping to flatten the curve, following the rules, making safety of our employees and customers a priority and so much more. We’ve passed the test so far but many of us are at a breaking point. The plan announced today would provide us the relief we desperately need and we appreciate the support.”

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SBAM applauds key attributes of the plan, including:

  • A $415-million grant program for businesses negatively impacted by COVID restrictions
  • $150-million in investments in the unemployment insurance trust fund to ensure benefits for unemployed workers continue
  • $38.5- million planned for the reimbursement of fees for liquor licenses and health department inspections as businesses work to reopen
  • $22-million in projected property tax relief for job providers
  • $165-million designated for rent and utility assistance

SBAM’s Calley says, “The pandemic has already led to countless business closures and thousands of other businesses just barely hanging on,” and concludes, “We don’t have time or money to waste and this plan provides meaningful help and hope for the road ahead.”

The Small Business Association of Michigan focuses solely on serving the needs of Michigan’s small business community through advocacy, collaboration and buying power. Today they serve over 28,000 members in all 83 counties of Michigan, and are located in Lansing, just one block from the Capitol.