St. Joseph Farmers Market going strong


Summer is here, which means St. Joseph’s farmers market is in full swing.

During this summer season, 30 vendors line up along Lake Bluff Park. With a variety of vendors and sponsors to choose from, there is something for everyone at the market.

Event coordinator Daniele Crevier said this market season has been a success so far, and she’s looking to welcoming new visitors to the market and its scenic view.

“We’re just really excited to be back in that venue,” Crevier said. “It’s such a beautiful venue. You can’t really beat it with Lake Michigan as your backdrop. And again, just really happy to see returning vendors, as well as welcoming some new faces.”

Cindy Grewett of Kitty Hill Organics in Dowagiac has been a vendor for the last 20 years at the St. Joseph farmers market, and each year brings her a new challenge she’s ready to tackle. Since her farm’s inception 29 years ago, Grewett has specialized in growing all kinds of produce, from her fan favorite heirloom tomatoes to all kinds of herbs and potatoes.

Grewett said this year has been hard on her due to the weather, watering at least twice a day and in her greenhouse four times a day, but in all, her season has been pretty good.

“The harvest season is doing okay, except for the heat,” Grewett said. “It’s a little bit too much heat. It’s a little weird. Things that shouldn’t be ready are ready and other things are not quite ready. It’s a very bizarre year. You have to have water at it all the time. We got a lot of rain, but then that heat still makes it look like it’s going to die if you don’t get the coolness to it.”

The St. Joseph Farmers Market runs every Saturday from 9 to 2 p.m. through October 12. The market also has extended hours on certain days to coincide with the Lake Bluff Artisan Fair.

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