State Preps to Honor Small Businesses Making a Big Impact in Michigan

Every day the owners and operators of small business enterprises all across the state of Michigan swing open the doors onto their business and collectively make a huge impact in and for the Great Lakes State. To recognize that collective power, Michigan is preparing to acknowledge 87 such small businesses who have been innovative, forward-thinking and have contributed to the growth of Michigan’s economy through the Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards Gala.

Brian Calley, President of the Small Business Association of Michigan, says, “Small businesses are agile and innovative,” and reports, “On July 20th at the Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards gala, we will celebrate 87 small businesses who are on a growth path by having an innovative mindset, being strategic and leveraging resources.”

Since 2005, MCSB honors the small businesses that play a role in the success of their community. Today, 99.6-percent of all businesses in Michigan fall under the small business category. Michigan celebrates those who are resilient in their entrepreneurial efforts as well as continually making economic impact.

This year’s awards gala consists of businesses from all over Michigan, coming together in unity to celebrate each of their current and future growth. Jacob Miller, President of Forming Technologies, LLC, says, “To create and sustain future growth, we are adding capacity, capabilities, and growing our sales team. We’ve recently purchased machinery that produces a much different type of product than we currently offer,” and concludes, “We are now exploring previously untapped markets where we did not have an offering before.”

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Being a small business takes dedication, innovation, and flexibility, which are all skills that Michigan’s small businesses possess. They have proven to themselves and their communities that through COVID-19, they have the necessary skills to shift their procedures and adapt their mindset to overcome any setbacks.

Katie Horvath, CEO of Naveego, Inc., says, “Future innovation drives our organization. We have combined forces with Michigan/Indiana tech company Aunalytics and our roadmap includes integrating our data management technology for an end-to-end data analytics solution.” Horvath adds, “We strive to bring artificial intelligence and analytics to mid-market Midwest businesses that otherwise would not have access to data engineering and data science expertise.”

The 2021 awards gala will put Michigan’s small businesses in the spotlight and give them a chance to share their stories.

Jennifer Deamud, MCSB Board Chair and Executive Director of the Manufacturing Growth Alliance, tells us, “The MCSB awards gala is an opportunity to learn more about the small businesses that are making waves in their communities,” and adds, “This year’s gala aims to showcase the importance of small businesses and how big of an impact they truly make.”

The list of businesses that will be recognized at this year’s awards gala can be found at this link:

Michigan Celebrates Small Business is a collaboration of trusted statewide founding organizations that offer resources for small businesses. Since 2005, their awards gala has celebrated how small businesses positively impact our communities and state. MCSB is focused on supporting, connecting and celebrating small businesses in Michigan.

Michigan Celebrates Small Business was founded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Small Business Association of Michigan, U.S. Small Business Administration – Michigan, Edward Lowe Foundation, Michigan Business Network, and Michigan Small Business Development Center.

Benton Harbor-based Kinexus Group is the managing partner for the upcoming gala. Kinexus Group is an organization that invests its time and resources into inspiring positive economic change one individual, one business, and one community at a time. For more information, you can visit, follow along on Twitter @KinexusGroup or “like” them on Facebook @KinexusGroup.