SWM Early Childhood Education Company Releases New Children’s Picture Book

You never know where talent will pop up next in Michigan’s Great Southwest, but an early childhood education company has given us a pretty good reason to keep our eyes and ears open for that talent because it’s there. In fact, they have a unique story to share about a couple of preschoolers in our area who have teamed up with their grandpa to create a new children’s picture book.

The new book, ‘Honey & Zion’s Perfect Party,’ hits the street for sale this Friday, August 15th. It’s actually the second book in the ‘Honey Collection,’ and aims to promote preschool literacy with a story told through the two young learners.

The early childhood education company, Honey Early Learning Media, has released “Honey & Zion’s Perfect Party,” written by 4-year-old Honey and her 1-year-old cousin Zion along with their grandfather, Cornell Burton Jr. In the book, Honey, the dynamic star of the first book in the Honey Collection, teams up with her cousin to plan their perfect party at their home in Southwest Michigan.

Burton says, “It may be unconventional, but we thought there was no better way to engage young readers than with a fun and amazing story straight from the mouths of kids themselves.” Burton worked with his grandchildren to create the book, and admits, “We had almost as much fun writing this book as kids everywhere will enjoy reading it.”

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The full-color children’s picture book, illustrated by Lidya Riani, was created to promote early literacy in children from preschool through second grade.

Honey herself says, “Can you imagine being able to plan your own perfect party? Where would you go? What would you do?” She adds, “In our new book, my cousin Zion joins me to plan the ultimate Perfect Party. It was fun and very exciting. I hope you like it.”

Burton is a music industry veteran and entrepreneur with a passion for creating exciting new ways to engage young readers. He founded Honey, Inc. Early Learning Media to curate a collection of multimedia songs, books, and videos to harness the power of music and story to make learning fun while promoting the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of early learners. Burton is also the founder and lead Pastor of Dominion World Revival Church in Benton Harbor.

You can view a promotional video for Honey & Zion’s Perfect Party on YouTube at this link:


Additionally, you can learn more about Honey and Zion’s Perfect Party and order the book online at this link:  https://honeychannel.com/