$1.5 Million In Met Scholarships Awarded This Year


There are 100 winners of $15,000 college scholarships from the Michigan Education Trust to celebrate its 35th anniversary this year. Kristy Hudson of Ferndale received one of the scholarships and plans to use it for her five year-old foster son.

“It’s been very emotional to talk about,” Hudson told Michigan News Network. “There’s not really words to describe how excited we are to have this opportunity for our foster son. The statistics are really poor for children leaving foster care and going on to a degree. It’s only about 3%.”

MET is giving out $1.5 million in scholarships this year. Under MET’s giveaway, Michigan residents 18 years or older were eligible to enter on behalf of children ages birth to five by the same date for a chance to win $15,000 in prepaid tuition. The prepaid tuition prize can be used to pay for future tuition and mandatory fees at a community college, college, university, or trade school in accordance with MET terms and conditions.

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