Tomorrow, June 30th, Is “Michigan Social Media Day”

For the vast majority of people walking around seemingly staring at their hands all day and into the night, every day is essentially social media day, but Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has proclaimed a formal recognition of it all by naming tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 as Michigan Social Media Day.

Gov. Whitmer says, “Social media provides individuals, government, business, and education the ability to communicate openly and directly with one another,” and adds, “Using social media as a tool for good, to listen, and engage in meaningful conversation, we can create vibrant online communities where people feel welcomed and accepted. I encourage everyone to engage in meaningful positive conversations, online and in person. By embracing civility, respecting and listening to one another, especially during difficult conversations, we can achieve anything.”

This year on Michigan Social Media Day and every day, the state of Michigan is encouraging Michiganders and all social media users to utilize the ever-emerging medium as a positive tool for good.

Brom Stibitz, state of Michigan Chief Information Officer, says, “Social media plays an important role for millions of Michiganders in staying connected,” and reports, “The recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have proven the power of social media and its ability to provide the public with real-time updates and information and allow citizens an avenue for two-way communication with their government like never before.”

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Those interested in celebrating Michigan Social Media Day can participate in numerous digital activities this week.

  • Share the Michigan Social Media Day press release or proclamation on social media using hashtag #SMDayMI.
  • Watch the ‘What Does #PureMichigan Mean to You’ video and share your thoughts on social media using hashtag #SMDayMI. Watch the video here:

  • Connect with a friend, family member or online community and engage in meaningful conversation.
  • Follow state of Michigan social media accounts at:

June 30th marks the 11th global celebration of Social Media Day and the eighth statewide celebration of Michigan Social Media Day. As the third state in the U.S. to recognize Social Media Day in 2012, Michigan government has long embraced the use of social media to extend traditional channels of constituent engagement.

The state uses technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Medium, Pinterest, video live streaming, and audio podcasts to create a more accessible and participatory government. Recognized as a top digital state in 2019 for overall government experience, the state of Michigan’s use of social media plays an important role in advancing the state’s Citizen-Centric Government strategy.

The state of Michigan has over 600 active social media accounts on 11 platforms, which reach over 5.8 million followers.