September 30, 2014
2:10 pm

Next Stop...Azul Tequila

If there's one question I get asked at least four or five times a week of late it is simply:  "When's that Mexican restaurant going to open up in the Courthouse Square in St. Joseph?"  I regularly query the landlord, occasionally try to track down construction crews, and have even bugged the Berrien County Health Inspector, Virgil Cimala for the answer regarding Azul Tequila.  Now...thanks to my colleague Sarah Spoonholtz who is their marketing rep...I can tell you with a reasonable measure of conviction that you should be able to belly up to the tequila bar right around the first of November.

While finishing touches are being placed on the spacious restaurant, the final Michigan Liquor Control Commission inspection should happen very soon, and the approval to throw open the doors should be in hand by the first of November according to the inside info provided by Sarah.  

The privileged few who have witnessed the spectacular makeover of the restaurant and bar assure me that you will be stunned by the handiwork and talented craftsmanship that have gone into the months-long renovation project on Main Street in St. Joseph across from the Berrien County Courthouse.  The wood floors in the entry have been given a rich new polish, colorful murals will wow you, a custom-built fountain will gurgle at the center of the dining floor, and an incredible chandelier constructed using a huge array of tequila bottles will be the centerpiece buzz factor everyone will be talking about.  

Stay tuned for further updates on the official opening of this long-anticipated new arrival in your culinary line up.

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