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Over 7 million pages have been viewed since the site’s launch in late 2013, with hundreds of thousands of viewers every month! They get the latest business news as it happens instead of waiting for weeks in printed publications.

Now is your chance to partner with Moody on the Why should you?

–     Pat’s strong reputation with both business owners and shoppers
–     The website can be reached directly on any computer free of charge. No paywall, no special app or software
–     The website links directly with local radio station websites including WSJM News, WSJM Sports, The Coast, WIRX, COSY-FM and Y-Country as well as Radio Super Saver & Dining Deals
–     The website is promoted a minimum of 8 times each day on all of those radio stations, with messages designed to drive listeners to the website
–     New stories are posted at least 5 times a day on the site, linked to our extremely popular Facebook page, and are even updated on nights and weekends!

Multiple opportunities for exposure exist on, including sidebar Rectangle and Headline banner ads, plus Tile banners on all bottom pages. All plans are charged monthly with unlimited impressions, and YOU OWN YOUR BANNER SLOT! No rotations with any other client. Design work is available for a nominal fee, or we welcome your prepared creative design.

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  • If representing a company or organization.