Van’s Medical Takes Health Care Issues Directly to the Legislature

Nobody can more successfully argue the merits and cost-saving benefits to one’s health care plan for home medical equipment than a major provider of that very equipment like Van’s Medical Equipment of Southwest Michigan. Recognizing the value of face-to-face conversation and the resulting education, the Van’s Medical Equipment team has recently returned from an Annual Legislative Day in Lansing sponsored by the Michigan Homecare and Hospice Association.

Van’s Medical’s General Manager Katy Bischoff and her crew recently met at the State Capital Building in Lansing with other members of their association.  A reception was held for members of the Michigan Legislature as well as key players from the Executive Branch of government.

Katy tells me she and others met with State Representative Kim LaSata and Trenton Miller who serves as Constituent Services Director for Senator John Proos.  Their prime message to the legislators is that Medicaid HME reimbursement fees are too low, with many item fees below the vendor’s cost.

Stories are always helpful, and often-times powerful, in portraying the realities of life, and Katy and her team shared their experiences and what they,  as providers are seeing. Essentially they are finding that patients are either going without, or they cannot stay in their homes, and are often being re-admitted to the hospital.

As health care service providers, the Van’s Medical Equipment team focused on emphasizing to legislators that they need to know that Homecare services & Home Medical Equipment save money. Additionally, the crew invited the legislators to visit the store on Glenlord Road to meet with employees as well as some of their patients to discuss how low reimbursement rates and outdated regulations are affecting them.

Katy says both representatives were attentive to the concerns being voiced and recognize that this is a good time for discussion as Michigan reviews the Governor’s budget recommendations. Stay tuned.

Shown in the photo accompanying this story on Moody on the Market are (left to right)  Van’s Medical Equipment Manager Christine Barksdale, their Wound Care Nurse Jeff Dixon, and Van’s General Manager Katy Bischoff.