Aerial Inspections of I&M Power Lines Begin Next Week

If you spot slow moving or hovering helicopters across the region starting next week, there’s an excellent chance they are under contract with Indiana Michigan Power for aerial inspections of high-voltage power lines.

Indiana Michigan Power tells us they will conduct those low-flying aerial inspections of many high-voltage lines utilizing a helicopter beginning on Monday, August 3rd. The inspections help the utility to maintain the reliability of the electric transmission system.

Those flights are scheduled to inspect transmission lines in I&M’s Indiana service territory, which includes Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana; South Bend and North Central Indiana; Muncie and East Central Indiana; and here across Southwest Michigan. The approximate dates for inspections by area are:

  • Southwest Michigan: August 3rd-to-15th
  • South Bend, North Central Indiana: August 3rd-to-15th
  • Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana: August 15th-to-22nd
  • Muncie and East Central Indiana: August 22nd-to-September 5th

    I&M’s contractor will conduct the inspections from a red-and-white helicopter with the tail number N-88LH. The aircraft will fly about 50-100 feet above the lines at a speed of 40-45 mph, covering about 350 miles each day of the process. During inspections, the helicopter may need to circle a single structure or area several times to check the condition of electrical equipment. Flights are scheduled to occur from 8 am to 5 pm, and weather delays could alter the flight schedules.   Customers with questions or concerns about aerial inspections should contact I&M directly at 800-311-4634.

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