Appeal Being Filed In Case Involving Auto Injury Care

An appeal will be filed after the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled changes in the state’s auto insurance law can’t be applied retroactively to people who were severely injured before summer 2019. It’s a legal victory for people who are still recovering from crashes along with their health care providers. Erin is the executive director of the Insurance Alliance of Michigan. She spoke to Michigan News Network.

“The ruling is truly a disappointment for Michigan families and small businesses because it threatens to roll back the progress we’ve made and to eradicate the savings drivers are experiencing since the e2019 bipartisan reforms took effect with the purpose of reducing the high cost of auto insurance,” McDonough said.

For decades, people injured in crashes were entitled to payment for reasonable charges related to care and rehabilitation. But, the new law sets a fee schedule and a cap on reimbursements not covered by Medicare.


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