Berrien Community Foundation scholarships now available

Applications are now being taken for the next round of Berrien Community Foundation scholarships.

The BCF’s Lisa Cripps-Downey tells us the foundation manages a wide variety of scholarships for both graduating high school seniors and adults expanding their education.

“We have over 50 different scholarships that are available through the Berrien Community Foundation, and we anticipating awarding over $300,000 in scholarships this year to our local students,” Cripps-Downey said.

Downey says the scholarships are all possible thanks to donors who set them up, either to honor a loved one or to support a career they consider important. They’re endowments, and therefore funded in perpetuity.

Cripps-Downey also wants the students who might be interested to know something.

“There’s a perception that these scholarships are only available for students who are a 4.0 student and doing all kinds of activities. Most of our scholarships are for students who are a 2.5 GPA or above.”

Cripps-Downey says getting one of the scholarships is usually more about the interests and goals of the student, not whether they’ve earned straight As.

Students can apply for multiple scholarships and only have to fill out one application to do so. The deadline to apply is February 1. You can find them at the Berrien Community Foundation’s website.


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