Campaign Committee Announces Filing of First Gubernatorial Impeachment in MI History

With State Representative Matt Maddock filing legislation to impeach Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the campaign committee driving that effort is applauding what they are calling the first gubernatorial impeachment effort in the state’s history.

Brandon Hall, Chairman of the Campaign to Impeach Gretchen Whitmer, says, “Today’s historic news that State Representative Matt Maddock will introduce an impeachment resolution to address Gretchen Whitmer’s crimes and corruption is tremendously encouraging for families throughout Michigan, especially as another draconian lockdown looms.”

Hall contends, “Despite social media censorship and paid attacks against me by Gretchen Whitmer, despite the Lansing swamp fighting us at every turn, and despite repeated excuses from Republican legislators, impeachment is now moving forward with unprecedented momentum.”

According to respected Michigan political analyst Bill Ballenger, this is the first time in history a Michigan Governor faces an impeachment vote.

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Hall argues, “We must move quickly to hold the vote, initiate impeachment hearings that will include subpoenas as well as sworn testimony, and then put Gretchen Whitmer on trial in the Senate.”

The campaign organizer insists, “Justice must be served for, among other things, every family business she has destroyed, for the record amount of drug overdoses and suicides her lockdowns have caused, for her horrendous mismanagement of the unemployment system, for repeatedly violating her own orders, for crony contact tracing contracts to her Democrat friends, for robbing our students out of vital school experiences, and most importantly, for turning our nursing homes into death camps.”

Hall reports that thus far, State Representatives Shane Hernandez, Ryan Berman, Beau LaFave, Mary Whiteford, Daire Rendon, and Lynn Afendoulis, as well as Senators Tom Barrett, Dan Lauwers and Lana Theis have also expressed their support for impeachment hearings. He adds that incoming Representatives Ken Borton, Patrick Outman, and Steve Carra also support an impeachment investigation.

Hall concludes, “I’m looking forward to seeing other legislators rally behind the leadership Matt and others have shown.”