City Plumbing & Heating Named to Best Places to Work for 2021


You know you’re working with confirmed believers in maximum customer service when you read a review that says essentially the business has helped them “several times over the phone, even using Facetime to look at my wiring,” even though the author isn’t even a customer and lives far away in another state. Such is the case for the dedicated team at City Plumbing & Heating Company anchored in downtown St. Joseph and a part of the community for nearly 120 years. The third (and headed toward a fourth) generation family-owned business is renowned in Michigan’s Great Southwest not only for their performance and attention to detail, but also for their prowess in hosting a huge annual fundraiser they call “Flushing Out Cancer,” collecting thousands of dollars to help cancer patients all across the region every fall. Vast experience on multiple fronts makes them a top choice for HVAC customers both residential and commercial time after time, earning them a coveted slot among the 20 Best Places to Work in Michigan’s Great Southwest.
What is the name of the business you are nominating?
City Plumbing & Heating Co.
Who are the owner(s) and/or principals in this company?
Carey Ross/Mike Ross
Business Contact Information
City Plumbing & Heating
407 State St, St. Joseph, MI 49085
How many people work at the company you are nominating?
Tell us the story behind the nominated company. What does it do, and what sets them apart from other companies in the region?
City has been in the area since 1902 providing expert knowledge and service in the HVAC & Plumbing industry. We have been a family-owned business for all these years. Carey and Mike are 3rd Generation owners and Carey has two sons working at the business that will make up the 4th generation. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our vast expertise on such matters and only send certified and trained technicians into your business or home.
In your own words, why do you think this company deserves to be declared to be one of the 20 Best Places to Work in Michigan’s Great Southwest?
I believe we are one of the best places to work because we provide a family atmosphere where each employee cares about each other and works together to get the job done. Since 1902 we have provided jobs in Southwest Michigan and this environment to many different employees.
What makes workers proud to say they work there, and keeps them a part of the team?
We treat our customers as family as well. All of us truly enjoy helping businesses and residents in our area with whatever needs they may have and also help educate them on how things work.
Let’s pretend you’re writing a review for Yelp! or Trip Advisor. Give us your best recommendation for the nominated company that would make the rest of us wish we worked there, too.
Here is a review from our website:
I’m in Indiana having problems with a Rheem A/C even though they have no way of helping me personally since I’m so far away they have helped me by phone several times even thru facetime to look at my wiring. Michigan you all are very lucky to have a company who cares about customer service even when you aren’t really a customer!
I love this review because it demonstrates the care we have for our customers and how we will do whatever we can to help them.
What three key words best describe why this company is a Best Places to Work caliber company?

  1. Innovative 2. Rewarding 3. Professional

As a Best Places to Work company “Super Hero,” what are the two most magical “Super Powers” this company seems to have on a day-to-day basis? (i.e., Ability to read minds, fly, invisibility, etc) And why?
Super Power One: Invincibility — There is always work to be done.
Super Power Two: Time Travel — With our almost 120 years of service we are able to understand equipment and plumbing set-ups from years in the past that others just simply can’t.
Tell us about the leadership of the nominated company and what they do in order to:
A] Keep spirits and motivation high? Setting goals, and always keeping everyone busy!
B] Keep innovation and fresh ideas advancing? In this world we are currently living in, one of the latest things we are always doing is finding out the best ways to ensure indoor air quality, creating a safe environment for people to work or live in.
C] Keep communications open? We all work as a team, from the top-down we are able to share our ideas with one another and find the best solutions.
Explain a specific “wow!” moment in this company’s history that is virtually “Hall of Fame” or “Best Practices” worthy, as an example to other companies in the region.
Flushing Out Cancer. We do it every year wherein we raise thousands of dollars to go to Berrien County Cancer Service.
Best Places to Work have a reputation for not only working hard, but also for playing hard.
A] How does the nominated company honor or reward success? Praise, awards, showcasing, gift cards, Christmas parties etc.
B] How does the nominated company socialize as a team? All of our employees are friendly and courteous to each other. As I have stated before we truly all work together to help one another find the right solution.
C] How does the nominated company get involved in community events? Flushing Out Cancer, Support local schools/sport teams, and supporting local retirement homes.
D] How does the nominated company celebrate life? We support the life successes of all of our employees, whether it is someone having a baby, or supporting each other’s kid’s success. It is truly a family atmosphere where people care for one another.
Write a brief, but compelling, recruitment ad telling people about why they should come and work there, too.
City Plumbing & Heating provides a fast-paced and challenging work environment. We all work together to help your and others at the company reach your goals.
What one thing is special about your nominated company that most people in the community have no idea actually happens there, but should be shouted from the rooftops because it’s that cool?
We did over $5-million worth of Linc Service in 2020, a year hindered by COVID. Or Just simply the fact that we have been owned and operated by family for almost 120 years!
Give us three employee perks or benefits that you think make the company you have nominated worthy of a Best Places to Work trophy?

  1. Insurance
  2. Paid time off
  3. 401k

If this is your company and you win, write the best headline ever for your company newsletter describing your successful selection to the list, and be as specific as you can about how you would celebrate the win if money were no object.
Respondent skipped this question
Tell us anything else you want about this company that you suddenly realize we haven’t asked you about, but you’re sure will be the thing that puts you squarely into the winner’s circle! (Wait a minute! Can you put a square in a circle?)
Question 11 (Super Powers) was a tough one, not really sure if I was going on the right track for that or not.


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