Commissioners approve Krasl Art Fair plan

Should there be an admission fee for the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff? St. Joseph City Commissioners considered that question Monday as they reviewed the plan for this year’s event. Krasl Art Center Director Tami Fauver said the plan for 2023 is to once again charge $5 admission while giving people the option to enter for free or get a wrist band if they so request.

“We know that we just started admission in the last couple of years and there are some growing pains with that process,” Fauver said. “We recognize that, and we think this is improving it. With the $5 admission, it really is our goal to keep that admission welcoming and inclusive within itself.”

Mayor Laura Goos said the $5 admission was only started during COVID to help the Krasl carry on. She doesn’t believe access to Lake Bluff Park should be restricted during the fair.

“Especially because we’re talking about public space and a gated event, that’s rough for us to try to navigate,” Goos said.

Goos said the $5 should be a “suggested donation.” Fauver said that would require Krasl to change its software and make other last minute adjustments. After lengthy discussion, commissioners decided to give the Krasl a one-year grace period to move toward the “suggested donation” model. They approved the proposed fair plan as is, but with an understanding the same model will not be approved next year. Also included in the fair plan for 2023 is a new media policy after an incident last year. Starting this year, news media recording footage at the fair will have to wear credentials, report to the Krasl office, and have a Krasl representative with them.


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