Dr. Katie Stull Issues Challenge to Listen to Your Body’s Call for Help

Too many among us accept fatigue as simply the consequence of racing through life at a rapid pace. We tend to ignore pain is a by-product of pushing too hard and shrug it off. Our churning stomachs just need to settle down and everything will be just fine. Right? Wrong!

Fatigue, pain and stomach issues are just a few of the ways your body calls for “help.” In the middle of our chaotic lives, most of us simply don’t listen. We think it’s “normal” to have issues like these. Dr. Katie Stull is a Chiropractic Physician in Michigan’s Great Southwest and she does listen. She’s devoted to techniques that naturally and painlessly interpret what your body is trying to tell you so you can get to the root of the cause and feel better.

Our bodies are pure energy at their core. Every cell in your body communicates through electrical signals. The flow of these signals control our brain waves, heart rhythm, nervous system, and the way our cells react to good and bad substances. And, it all impacts the energy that surrounds the body—the morphogenic field.

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If you are tired of feeling bad and battling seemingly one health issue after another with little or no effective results using conventional medicine, it may be time to try an alternative health care option. Morphogenic Field Technique could provide you with answers to your health issues. Dr. Katie can help in that regard, because she uses that alternative health care plan which is providing her patients with positive results.

Morphogenic Field Technique is an innovative energy signature testing procedure for homeopathic, nutritional and herbal practitioners who want to do more for their patients. Dr. Katie uses Morphogenic Field Technique — or simply MFT — to get to the bottom of what is causing problems with health. She knows that MFT harnesses the power of your body’s energy fields at the cellular level. It is an integrated holistic approach that involves 100-percent natural and nutritional protocols custom-matched to each individual’s needs.

It is truly a natural way to help people feel, and be, their best. At the Natural Health Improvement Center in St. Joseph, Dr. Katie and her staff encourage you to experience this natural form of healthcare to improve your overall well-being with the least invasive approach available.

Her clinically proven system may be quite different from any other healing practice you have ever experienced. The technique is not one based on masking symptoms through drugs or medication, rather it is based on finding the underlying cause of the problem instead, and helping the body heal itself.

Dr. Katie gently reminds us, “God has given us a body that is whole. It has an amazing ability to heal itself and more importantly it knows when it needs to be healed even when we don’t. Starting from birth, our bodies, our nervous systems, never had a chance to be 100-percent. On a daily basis we are bombarded with chemical and environmental toxins. Even in-utero it has been shown that we are exposed to hundreds of toxins found in the food and the air breathed by our mothers. I have two very special children who have greatly benefited from chiropractic care. Chiropractic is so much more than alleviating low back or neck pain. It’s more than fixing a disc that ‘slipped’ out of place. Chiropractic participates in the body’s own healing.”

Factually, this is a new paradigm in healing and Dr. Katie believes this is healthcare as Mother Nature intended. She identifies your body’s needs and affects change by supplying the nutrients, herbal supplements, homeopathy or other interventions needed to meet the body’s needs at the cell level. Health and vitality are the normal end-result.

Dr. Katie uses the protocol’s developed by Nick Lamothe, PhD, and other experts in the field. Her patients continue to observe the growth and balance of their energy field as nutritional, herbal or homeopathic protocols are followed.

As Dr. Katie suggests, “Your health is ever changing. Health is not being ‘sick’ one day and ‘well’ the next, it’s a way of life, it’s a continuum.” She goes on to tell us, “At all times we have millions of bacteria and virus’ floating around in our bodies. We also have good bacteria and cells which keep the ‘bad’ guys in check. When our bodies get run down by eating unhealthy foods, staying up late and letting our nervous systems get run down, the ‘bad’ guys overtake the ‘good,’ and only then do we start to feel ‘sick.'”

Dr. Katie Stull admits, “Viewing health this way is often new to many of us, and it takes some time to integrate this view into our daily living. That is one of the reasons I love to start teaching what ‘health’ means with young children, and even when they are still growing in the womb.”

Learn more about the fascinating and powerful methodology of MFT by contacting Dr. Katie at The Natural Health Improvement Center in south St. Joe. You can find her at 2820 Niles Road or by phone at 269-556-9615. Learn more online at the link below:

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