Former SJ Family Hits House Hunters International as “Active Family in Auckland”

A former Whirlpool Engineer from St. Joseph who now works for Fisher & Paykel Appliances in New Zealand is the subject of another House Hunters International episode on HGTV coming in a little over three weeks to a TV near you.

Chris Matulis and his wife Cindy lived and worked in St. Joseph and Stevensville for about ten years before wanderlust took over. The couple had an old 1925 brick house in downtown St. Joseph and absolutely loved it. Couldn't have been happier with both the community and their jobs here. The couple tells me, "We thought we built a beautiful life for our family."

Cindy says, "Our problem was...we had a dream. It was a dream to travel the world, to live internationally, and to show our kids how much the world has to offer." Furthermore, she says, "We decided to give up our lives, our home, and our jobs and move to New Zealand." That's a place they had never even been before.

Once the decision was made, Cindy adds, "We were constantly second guessing our decision because we really did love our lives in St. Joe." However, she notes, "We had to follow our hearts and we are so thankful we did. The experiences our family has had are better than we could have dreamed!"

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In fact, the couple has established a YouTube Channel to chronicle their travels and adventures through video offerings called, "Always An Adventure With Kids."

They also have an adventure of their own that will air on national television next month on HGTV. On that episode of House Hunters International, the Matulis family will share their house hunting adventures. Here's what the folks at HGTV have to say about the upcoming show:

Chris, Cindy and their three young children are moving from Michigan to Auckland, New Zealand. It's been a lifelong dream of theirs to live abroad, but there is just one big problem. Chris sees a house by the beach in his version of the dream, but Cindy wants to be within walking distance of shops, parks and other activities. They look at three very different properties and must make a difficult decision.

Dubbed, "Active Family in Auckland," the episode is slated to air first on Friday, August 24th at 10:30pm local time in Southwest Michigan, and will repeat again on Saturday, August 25th at 1:30am our time. So, either make a "must see TV" appointment for either of those times or set your DVR to capture it while you're out making your own adventures.

Chris has been with Fisher & Paykel Appliances since last September as a Technical Leader. He was a Whirlpool Engineer in St. Joseph for nearly ten years, and prior to that served as a Design Engineer with Stryker Medical  and a Manufacturing Engineer for Boston Scientific Corporation.

Cindy and Chris reached out to me to ask that I share the information because they were a part of the community for many years and thought you might like to see them on TV and then follow along on their YouTube Channel to track their myriad adventures with the entire family.

Here's a link to their YouTube Channel:

Cindy also provided the photo accompanying this story on Moody on the Market portraying the beauty of their newfound home in Auckland, New Zealand.

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