Greater Bridgman CGA celebrates accomplishments, lays out goals

The Greater Bridgman Area Council for Growth and Advancement is reflecting on a busy year of activities as held its annual meeting last week. CGA President John Bonkoske tells us they went over recent accomplishments as the group gets more active. He says it all started when the CGA elected a new board with a diverse background. They went to the membership with some ideas for the community.

“We need to make this better somehow,” Bonkoske said. “We need to work out how are we going to enhance what we’ve got, grow to make conditions ripe to allow ourselves to do that, and then ultimately, to thrive.”

Among the accomplishments the CGA is celebrating is the new Bridgman Courtyard on Lake Street, a place for live music performances and other gatherings.

“This has really turned into a great endeavor. We involved the schools in doing this, and anyone who drives in downtown Bridgman, you’re going to see it right in the center of town. There’s going to be a big dedication coming up later this month in June, and it has been a place of gathering.”

Bonkoske also cites the new Weko Beach Bus as a CGA accomplishment. Looking ahead to the next year, the plan is to certify Bridgman as a redevelopment ready community, continue collaborating with businesses, and to seek more grants. He adds a new CGA website should launch late this month.


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