Group Looking To Start Diaper Bank In Benton Harbor-St. Joe

A group in the Benton Harbor-St. Joseph area is starting a diaper bank for mothers who need a little help. Speaking to Benton Harbor City Commissioners Monday was June Bowman with United Through Motherhood. She said the group came together through community discussions and learned some mothers do have trouble getting enough diapers for their babies, and that creates big problems.

“We’re the only lakefront south of Grand Rapids that does not have a diaper bank for our community, and it’s dearly needed,” Bowman said. “As we learned about mothers that take their children to daycare, if they don’t have enough required diapers to take their children to daycare, they miss a day of work.”

Bowman said the group has collected about 1,500 diapers, but that’s a tiny fraction of what’s needed. It got with a Holland-based group that has filled a semi trailer full of them and its goal is now to do the same. Right now, the group is collecting donations at Mosaic in Benton Harbor and a diaper pick up site is at the Center for Better Health in Benton Harbor. So far, the moms have been helped by organizations including the YMCA. They’re expanding and will be holding events in the community, including a book read, to get the word out.

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