Long-Time Police Veteran Becomes SWM Private Investigator

Many in the community remember Bill Tucker as a long-time member of the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department where he served as a Detective Lieutenant for many years. He has also served the community as a professional portrait photographer, taking many family photos and senior pics. Now, he’s emerging from retirement as a full-fledged licensed Professional Private Investigator.

When Tucker retired from public service after 28 years with Berrien County, he continued investigating with another local PI, Roger Lange, for another decade, but now has ventured into his own business enterprise, Michigan Private Investigations and Process Service.

As a detective, Tucker was trained in “Interrogation and Interview” by Warren Holmes, an interrogator for the CIA, and Jon Nichols of the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, and quickly earned a reputation for solving crimes, getting confessions, writing very good reports and most importantly, a very high conviction rate. He became the youngest Detective Sergeant ever at the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department by gaining the promotion at the age of 26. Later, as a narcotics officer for five years, he was trained in both undercover work and surveillance.

In addition to experience and a passion for investigative work, Tucker says, “I have some of the best cameras and GPS tracking equipment available,” adding, “I also use a computer system that allows clients to check all information in real-time.”

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Tucker tells us, “Investigating is what I love to do, so I feel fortunate to have served as a Detective Lt. with the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, and once I retired, to have continued investigating with a local PI, and now, as a licensed Professional Private Investigator with my own company.”

Michigan Private Investigations and Process Service is a licensed and insured private investigation firm based in Southwest Michigan.

Tuckers menu of services include:

  • Private Investigations
  • GPS Tracking
  • Process Service
  • Body Cam Footage
  • Serving of Legal Documents
  • Court Filing
  • Court Document Retrieval

His service area for MPI encompasses the tri-county area, including:

  • Berrien County, Michigan
  • Van Buren County, Michigan
  • Cass County, Michigan

For more information about Bill Tucker and Michigan Private Investigations and Process Service, you can visit online by clicking this link: http://www.TuckerPi.com