MI Eviction Diversion Order Created by Gov. Whitmer

Promising that nobody in Michigan should have to worry about losing their home during the pandemic, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has today signed a new executive order extending the temporary suspension of evictions through the middle of next month.

Gov. Whitmer has signed Executive Order 2020-134 which extends the temporary suspension of evictions until July 15th and also creates what she is calling the Eviction Diversion Program, which outlines a process for renters to get fast rental assistance or establish a manageable payment plan to keep Michigan residents in their homes. Rental assistance under the Eviction Diversion Program will be available beginning July 16th.

Whitmer argues, “No Michigander should have to worry about losing their home during a global health pandemic and, at the same time, landlords and management companies need rent from their tenants to sustain their businesses.” She adds, “This innovative new program will save lives, save money, and save businesses by keeping families in their homes and providing immediate financial relief to landlords for back rent they’re due.”

Under Executive Order 2020-134, $50 million of rental assistance will be made available in the form of lump sum payments to landlords in exchange for allowing tenants to remain in their homes, forgiving late fees and up to 10-percent of the amount due. Tenants whose back rent is not completely covered by the Eviction Diversion Program will be entered into manageable payment plans facilitated by Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-17.

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The program was created following the passage of Senate Bill 690, which passed unanimously out of both the Michigan House and Senate on June 17th. The legislation appropriated $60 million in Coronavirus Relief Funding to the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity for the creation of a rental assistance program to assist tenants and landlords after the eviction moratorium concludes.

To view Executive Order 2020-134, click the link below: