MI Manufacturers Get “Prep Talk” Regarding Michigan Restart

Ever hopeful of whatever message Michigan’s Governor lays out regarding the eventual restart of the state’s economy, nearly 200 Michigan manufacturers spent an hour this morning getting a comprehensive update from former Lt. Governor Brian Calley who now serves as the President of SBAM — the Small Business Association of Michigan.

Locally, The Kinexus Group hosted a video conference with Calley under the auspices of the Michigan Manufacturing and Technology Association, and some 200 manufacturers eager to get back into the trenches signed on to get the update.

The Michigan Manufacturing & Technology Association was created for the purpose of championing, serving and advocating for Michigan’s small manufacturers alongside SBAM which advocates for small businesses of all types including manufacturers.

The MMTA uniquely provides services that drive solutions to make manufacturing in Michigan the most competitive and prosperous in the nation.

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The facilitated conversation this morning focused several key areas including:

  • Recommendations from state leaders to restart Michigan…
  • What restarting means for manufacturers…
  • Unique opportunities and challenges for manufacturers…
  • How manufacturers can prepare to reopen…
  • Available COVID-19 resources for manufacturers…

The event took place this morning, Thursday, April 23rd,  from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

The manufacturing industry employs 15-percent of the workforce in Michigan, the second highest industry just below healthcare and social assistance, which employs 16-percent of the workforce. Small manufacturers employ nearly half of all the manufacturing jobs in Michigan.

Jennifer Deamud, Executive Director of MMTA, says, “It’s essential that our state’s small manufacturers are prepared for the changes that lie ahead. MMTA will be there to help navigate the changes. This virtual conversation gave us the platform to share relevant, timely, and valuable information with our manufacturers,” and adds, “Brian Calley has one of the sharpest minds on policy, and issues impacting business.”

For his part, Calley contends, “Restarting Michigan will be critical to our economic and public health recovery. We know that when we resume economic activities, the workplace will look and operate differently. It is important that we engage now so that we are prepared to safely stage that comeback.” He promised, “SBAM’s partnership with MMTA provides manufacturers with relevant resources to support them now and in the future.”

You can watch the video replay of the entire conversation, by clicking the link below:


Meanwhile, the Michigan Manufacturers Association is working hard toward the restart as well. John Walsh, President & CEO of the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA), today joined with his counterparts at Midwest trade associations representing the manufacturing industry to recognize the importance of the industrial sector and its ability to safely scale up operations to reignite the economy.

Walsh says, “The response from Michigan manufacturers to the COVID-19 pandemic has been truly inspiring as countless employers have stepped up to transform their daily production to provide much-needed personal protection equipment (PPE). They have demonstrated their ability to meet and exceed all reasonable safety standards,” and adds, “Manufacturers will continue to lead with solutions to the health care crisis and it is time to allow them to lead the solution to our economic crisis.”

The heads of seven Midwest manufacturing organizations pointed to the unique experience of manufacturers in complying with state and federal safety standards and called on their respective state governors to “reopen all of manufacturing and other essential businesses” to protect the regional economy. You can read their letter by clicking the link below: