MI Treasury Warns of Phishing Scam

Sometimes you have to wonder how productive they could be at real life jobs if the scam artists of the world would only channel their creative energies toward good deeds instead of trying to con us out of our hard-earned money. Nevertheless, they keep inventing new ways to try to get at our money without lifting a finger. 

With the beginning of tax season the Michigan Department of Treasury is warning business owners and taxpayers of fraudulent phone calls being made from a “spoofing” phone number. The number has the appearance of being from the Department of Treasury. The taxpayer is being told that they have committed tax fraud and if they don’t pay an amount immediately they could be arrested. 

Phishing (as in “fishing for information” and “hooking” victims) is a scam to trick taxpayers and business owners into providing personal and financial information which can be used to steal their identity and swindle them out of money.  
The Department of Treasury wants you to know that they, as a government department, will not:  

  • Demand immediate payment without first mailing you a letter
  • They will not require that you pay your taxes a certain way.  For instance require that you pay over the phone with a prepaid debit card
  • They will not threaten to call the police or other law enforcement agencies to arrest you for not paying  

Please use caution and NEVER provide personal information unless you are positive that the situation is legitimate.  For more information about fraud and tax scams or how to report suspicious calls please read (by clicking)  this notice.  Please visit (by clicking) the IRS website for additional information about these types of scams. 

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Don't let dishonest con-men cheat you out of your money. When in doubt…check it out.  

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