Michigan Infrastructure And Transportation Association Welcomes New Federal Bill

The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association is hailing President Biden’s signing of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill this week. VP of Government Affairs Lance Binoniemi tells WSJM News it will send $7.3 billion in road money to Michigan over the next five years, a roughly $1.3 billion increase from normal levels.

“This is the largest federal investment we’ve seen for the country’s highway system since the inception of the highway system in the 40s and 50s,” Binoniemi said.

Binoniemi says the plan contains more than $500 million for the state’s bridges and $1.3 billion for water infrastructure.

“We’ve seen in Michigan a couple of underwound infrastructure failures that have affected the safety and health of our citizens. We’ve seen it in Flint, we’re seeing it in Benton Harbor currently, and sink holes that have happened in Fraser that have destroyed homes.”

Binoniemi says the federal money could help solve the lead problem in Benton Harbor. He expects money to start flowing to Michigan within weeks. He adds it will really start to make a difference next construction season.


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