Michigan Manufacturers Lead the Fight Against Global Pandemic

Following news Wednesday that the Detroit automakers were taking a time out for temporary and precautionary closures and deep cleaning, the Michigan Manufacturers Association says that their members are taking bold action to combat the growing global crisis surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

The Association says their members in the manufacturing community are continuing to lead the effort on supplying much-needed goods while working to stabilize the economy through jobs and production. The Michigan Manufacturers Association says today that efforts driven by communication and coordination with Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration are being undertaken to locate companies that can produce specific products, including personal protective equipment, to enhance the effectiveness of the health care system’s response.

John Walsh, MMA president & CEO, says, “Our message to public officials is simple — allow manufacturers to help drive the solution,” and adds, “Governor Whitmer and her team recognize the critical nature and role manufacturing will have in moving the state forward in addressing this critical challenge and I want to thank them all for keeping us engaged, informed and part of the strategic effort to overcome COVID-19.”

The announcement comes following word from Detroit automakers of the temporary and precautionary closure of all facilities, until March 30th, in order to do deep cleaning and to get plans in place for a return to production that incorporates best practices for preventing the spread of the virus.

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Walsh says in a message to his members, “This extraordinary step is a clear example of how you, our members, and your peers in the industry are standing on the front lines in defense against a new threat affecting every individual, business and community in the world.”

Manufacturing’s priority now is to operate and drive solutions for combating COVID-19 even as demand rises in hospitals for medical equipment, respirators and critical care technologies and among the general public for basic needs goods like toilet paper, bottled water, milk and personal protective equipment.

Walsh explains, “I firmly believe continued operation of manufacturing will be the key to successfully addressing the challenges facing this state and nation, both in terms of public health and safety as well as ensuring a strong economy.”

For nearly 120 years, the MMA has been serving Michigan manufacturers and related industries by providing effective representation at Michigan’s Capitol, timely educational seminars, quality and competitive-rate insurance programs, informational e-newsletters and a monthly magazine. You can visit online at mimfg.org for more information.