Michigan State Chamber Recommends Against Shelter in Place Order

Another major business organization in Michigan is urging the Governor to avoid a “Shelter in Place” order, saying not everybody needs to cease operations in light of the pandemic.

Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley has sent a letter to Governor Whitmer recommending against a “Stay at Home” or “Shelter in Place” Executive Order that starts from the premise that most, if not all, 877,000 businesses in Michigan should be closed, while a select few are allowed to stay open.

In the letter Studley contends: “Not all Michigan businesses need to cease operations due to the threat of COVID-19. For example, many businesses provide essential services and goods to our citizens. We cannot risk a disruption in the supply chain or a break in the distribution cycle. In addition, many businesses have non-interruptible operations and those operations need to be protected as we move forward.”

In his letter, Studley concludes, “Finally, we would urge you to allow businesses to continue operations unless there is a high public health risk to employees or the general public.”

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The letter to Governor Whitmer may be viewed by clicking the link below:


The Michigan State Chamber joins the Small Business Association of Michigan who has also encouraged leadership to avoid a shelter in place order as reported earlier in this story: