New Yellow Line From Dial A Ride is Free For First 6 Weeks

There’s a new fixed route bus service from Dial A Ride, and you certainly can’t beat the price in the line’s inaugural six week run. The new Yellow Line serving the residents of Benton Harbor and Benton Township will operate free of charge through the end of February.

The service, launched last week and created by the Twin Cities Area Transportation Authority’s Dial A Ride program, is a fixed route that makes a continuous loop through its various stops each hour. Those stops include:

  • Twin Cities Area Transportation Authority Headquarters
  • Benton Manor
  • KPEP
  • Blossom Acres
  • Buss Housing
  • The Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor
  • Intercare Medical facility

The Yellow Line buses will continue the same course, stopping at each stop once every hour. Additionally, transfers can be made to the authority’s Blue Route at Intercare and the Twin Cities Area Transportation Authority Headquarters and the Red Route, also at authority headquarters across from the Benton Harbor Library.

Yellow Line buses will run the route every Monday through Friday from 7am until 5pm.

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Once the free period ends at the end of February, fares will be $1-for adults and 50-cents for seniors, children under 12 and people with disabilities.

Paul Gillespie, Executive Director the the transit authority says, “This new service expands our fixed route coverage area and links several population centers with popular destinations like the Boys & Girls Clubs and Intercare.” He adds, “Fixed routes are cheaper and more predictable than our Dial A Ride service, and by offering free rides for the first six weeks we hope to get people to try out the new route and see if it works for them.”

For more information, route maps and schedules, or any other questions regarding the authority’s transportation service, you can call 269-927-2268 or check out their website at this link: