Newly Rebranded State Street Treats Ready for Summer Fun

For those who haven’t ventured into downtown St. Joseph since last fall because of winter weather followed by the extended shutdowns of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ll find an old favorite with a new name out front.

What was known for half a dozen years as Yo Bubbs Frozen Desserts has been rebranded to State Street Treats to more accurately reflect the array of offerings being teed up by owners Ben & Amy Iliff.

Ben says, “We still offer Frozen Yogurt and Edible Cookie Dough, but with the addition of Gourmet Popcorn last fall we felt a name more encompassing was needed.” Ben adds, “We offer Caramel and Cheddar Cheese each day, which of course can be mixed just like in Chicago to create our Big City Mix, along with another savory flavor that rotates in and out of the system.” He notes, “We also have an assortment of candied corn that comes in a wide range of fruit flavors and colors.”

State Street Treats also offers an array of decorative tins including many local college and professional team logos which the Iliff’s suggest as great gift ideas. They also offer local schools, recreational leagues and the like fundraising opportunities, while also selling popcorn in bulk.

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The shop is currently open everyday for to go and call ahead opportunities at 408-8625.

When Ben and Amy took over the shop at YoBubbs in the city’s central business district in the spring of 2018, the excitement level was high. Teachers by trade they knew that young people wanted a place for fun as well as an opportunity to gain life experiences by working in the shop.

They are popping fresh popcorn at State Street Treats every day that they are open for business throughout the year.

The shop, located at 319 State Street in downtown St. Joseph, next to White Pine Winery, was first established in May of 2013, and now they mark their seventh season in operation. Ben and Amy are both seasoned Watervliet public schools teachers.