Pathway Church – An Easter Journey Together in Faith



Easter is just a few weeks away and the congregation of Pathway Church wants you to join them for the celebration – not just on Easter Sunday, but for a month’s worth of faith-focused opportunities.
During the month of March, the ministry staff of Pathway, located at 2950 Lakeview Avenue in St. Joseph, will be giving messages on The Journey to the Empty Tomb which will cover what Jesus experienced his last week before dying on the cross. Two services are offered on Sunday mornings, a traditional service at 9:00 and a modern service at 11:00.
Also, this month, one of Pathway’s unique worship opportunities is a Palm Sunday Worship Concert on Sunday, March 24 at 4:00 pm.
“I love doing events like this. It’s about coming and getting your cup filled. Music and worship go hand in hand and that’s what the concert is all about. Come join us and let your soul get refilled,” said Worship Leader Andrew Fisher.
On Easter morning, March 31, Pathway will offer three services plus breakfast.
Easter Sunrise Service
Pathway is the only church in the area to offer an outdoor sunrise service and it will be held at 7:00 am Easter Sunday at Kiesel Overlook (3408 Lakeshore Drive, St. Joseph). There will be coffee to help congregants wake up and warm up as the group watches the sun rise during worship and remembering Jesus rising from the dead.
Easter Services
Back at Pathway Church, there are two more Easter services at 9:00 am and 11:00 am featuring the Pathway Chancel Choir, a chamber orchestra, and the Pathway worship band performing some contemporary songs. Music includes the favorite Easter hymn Christ the Lord is Risen Today, the contemporary I Believe, In Christ Alone, and Living Hope, and ending with a rousing rendition of Handel’s Halleluiah chorus.
Pathway Pastor Dan Colthorp will give a message titled My Living Hope which centers on Jesus Christ rising from the dead and how the empty tomb gives hope for everlasting life.
Easter Brunch
No need to worry about breakfast on Easter morning, there will be a brunch between services at 10:00 am provided by church members. Visitors are welcome to attend and sample all the special treats.
Pathway Church is located at 2950 Lakeview Avenue in St. Joseph. You can find more information at their website at




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