Pure Michigan Moment for Great Lakes Drone Co.

The workload at the National UFO Reporting Center may see a sharp increase now that the amazing team at Great Lakes Drone Company have mastered the art of The Drone Light Show. The mesmerizing look and spectacular array of more than two dozen lighted drones chasing in synchronized patterns across the night sky will rapidly become a huge hit, or at least the Great Lakes Drone pilots certainly hope so.

A chilly debut in a crystal clear sky last night high on a hill overlooking Coloma’s Jollary Orchards had the small handful of invited guests wowed when they were shivering from the cold night air.

For about 15-minutes the 25 or so drones danced across the night sky creating a pink heart, multi-colored designs, and even a box that turned into a cube and then rotated in a three-dimensional spin with the Jollay Orchards funpark Ferris wheel silhouetted in the background.

The Great Lakes Drone team, based in Watervliet, was showcasing some of the capabilities available to anybody who would like to hire the cutting-edge technology for an aerial light show for corporate events, premiere nights, class reunions, family picnics, or any event where you want to amaze the audience on hand.

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The birth of The Drone Light Show capitalizes on the same technology employed in the opening segment of the SuperBowl half-time show in Dallas last month, or similar shows performed by the Walt Disney Company.

Dream imagery can become reality with a drone light show, because logos can be recreated, just as you see the Pure Michigan logo which was created in a matter of seconds last night at Jollay Orchards. Shows can be totally customized because the drones use software technology to determine timing, placement, which units will be which colors and beyond.

While the Great Lakes Drone folks are currently employing about 25 drones in these experimental phases, they plan to have 30 drone shows ready next month, 100 drone shows available by June and a 200 drone show is slated for availability by mid-July.

Shows can be performed anywhere in the world, however specifically in the U.S. they can be performed anywher in Class G airspace without prior FAA consultation while shows in any other airspace will require a 90-day lead time for coordination with federal officials.

The shows are very safe, as the crews take additional measures similar to firework displays to provide the safest experience possible, and the shows are also insured by Global Aerospace to add an additional layer of protection to clients of Great Lakes Drone.

The Drone Light Show is a partnership between Arrowonics of Canada and Wildly Creative Marketing, bringing automated drone light shows to the mainstream U.S. marketplace. This isn’t something you can line up with a couple neighbor kids and their Christmas drones. Great Lakes Drone is one of 8 total FAA approved Multiple Drone operations in the entire nation, and of those only three are approved for operations involving several hundred drones. They are Disney, Intel and now Great Lakes Drone Company.

Watervliet’s Great Lakes Drone is growing exponentially. They burst onto the scene just last September, and they are extremely busy with all sorts of aerial operations from realtor services to agricultural data gathering and crop monitoring, as well as aerial advertising, 3D mapping, animal search and rescue and beyond. They already have partnership operations in Michigan, New York, New Jersey and California and are licensed to take the Drone Light Show anywhere nationwide.

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The company received permission from Pure Michigan in advance of last night’s show to utilize and recreate the Pure Michigan logo in the sky over Jollay Orchards last night. Below are photos of the pink heart they created to synchronized music over a loudspeaker system, much like you see with firework shows, and a 3D cube that they rotated in mid-air.