SJ Students Give Virtual Tour of Hometown to State Capitol Visitors

He’s been one of the most ardent advocates for and supporters of career and technical education recognizing the importance of filling the skilled trades gaps in Michigan in the modern era, so it was a natural fit when State Senator John Proos met with St. Joseph High School students in Lansing Wednesday during a technology showcase that allowed them to exhibit their technology skills.

Sen. Proos joined the students as part of the 18th Annual Student Technology Showcase at the Michigan State Capitol building yesterday where they gave him a little dose of virtual reality.

Proos says, “It is always great to meet smart and innovative Southwest Michigan students, who are illustrating that today’s modern classrooms are offering exciting new educational opportunities unimaginable just a generation ago.” The St. Joseph Republican, who is in his final days on the job after being term-limited adds, “The virtual reality experience put together by these students was amazing — made possible by creative teachers, hardworking students and supportive parents.”

The showcase featured exhibits from nearly 40 schools including St. Joseph, providing hands-on demonstrations of how technology is being used in Michigan classrooms to enhance learning. The event was sponsored by AT&T Foundation and the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL).

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The St. Joseph students used cameras to capture 360-degree views of landmarks in St. Joseph,  and then offering people the opportunity to take a virtual tour of their hometown right there in the State Capitol.

While at the Capitol, the students also used a 360-degree camera to start the process of making a virtual reality tour that will explain the process of a bill becoming a law in the state of Michigan.