Small Business Owners Encouraged to Go Paperless With Online SUW Filings

As we continually evolve to an online world for more and more daily transactions, even small business owners in Michigan's Great Southwest can go paperless when filing their annual Sales, Use and Withholding Tax returns with the Michigan Department of Treasury.

All Sales, Use and Withholding—SUW for short—taxpayers are required to submit their annual return by Feb. 28th, and now that can be accomplished by using Michigan Treasury Online. In fact, the state Treasury Department is asking business taxpayers to use the online platform to file and pay their tax obligations instead of completing and mailing a paper return.

Glenn White is Deputy State Treasurer and head of the Treasury's Tax Administration Group. He tells us, “All SUW taxpayers are required to submit an annual return,” and that deadline is just two weeks away. He adds, “Small business taxpayers tend to file with paper. By filing online, it makes things easier for the taxpayer and the processing team.”

In addition, the state Treasury Department has added the following new features to Michigan Treasury Online within the last month alone:

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  • Profile Security Updates
  • Homepage Redesign featuring User Role Navigation
  • Return Confirmation Numbers on View and Print Filed Returns
  • Audit Payments through Fast Pay

Businesses ready to get started with Michigan Treasury Online can simply access the state's site by going to, which is linked below for you: