St. Joe City Commission Gives Green Light to Krasl Art Fair ’21 With Major Changes

After reviewing in great detail the dramatic changes proposed for the 2021 Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff and asking questions about how the plans would work, the City of St. Joseph has formally blessed the Krasl Art Center and it’s fair committee planners with permission to proceed in concert with COVID safety protocols as predicated by the state of Michigan.

The long-running and extremely popular event has been hosted every year along the full length of St. Joseph’s Lake Bluff Park dating back to 1962 with the exception of last year when it was reluctantly canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We shared the plan put together by the Krasl Art Fair committee organizers with input from the Berrien County Health Department and others last week, preparatory to last night’s final approval requested from the St. Joseph City Commission. You can see that plan as released to members and supporters of the Krasl in an email last week by clicking this link from our story of last week:

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