St. Joe’s King Media Garners New International Recognition

While Christmas is still a little more than three weeks away, Santa seems to have paid an early visit to King Media and owner Coleen King in a manner that could only have been surpassed if he was wearing her beloved Spartan Nation green and white instead of that red suit of his.

King, who is the President and Founder of East Lansing-based King Media which also has offices in St. Joseph, is finishing the year by celebrating seven new international awards. Her full-service marketing, advertising, public relations and digital media agency has been delivered six MarCom awards that recognize the agency’s excellence in strategic communications, and one from PRNEWS which honors Coleen’s dedication to communication that matters.

King was named one of the PRNEWS 2020 People of the Year, an international award that places her alongside public relations professionals from around the world. She believes the recognition comes from her desire to perform meaningful work and help clients overcome their challenges.

King says, “Like all small businesses, we had to make some big changes this year, but we maintained our commitment to creating positive change in communities. We adapted to our clients’ new needs in the face of COVID-19 and made sure they were still effectively communicating with their audiences. Our clients know they can count on us to provide leadership and guidance, even in such unprecedented times.”

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Two of King Media’s six MarCom awards are for strategic communications directly related to COVID-19. For Grand Haven Area Public Schools (GHAPS), King Media established crisis communication protocols to help district leadership effectively communicate with staff, families and the community throughout last year’s transition to remote learning. For Mason Public Schools (MPS), King Media developed and executed a community-wide rally campaign called “Stronger Smarter Safer TOGETHER” to boost morale across the district.

King says, “Our schools are the heart of every community, and when their day-to-day world changes so dramatically, it has a big impact on the entire community,” adding, “Our work for GHAPS and MPS is focused on making sure their communities remain confident in district leadership and take pride in the schools.”

King Media’s remaining four MarCom awards celebrate the agency’s expertise in integrated marketing, branding, social media and promotion/marketing materials. Recognized clients include the Berrien County Health Department, Cass Van Buren District Health Department, Van Buren Community Mental Health, Lake Michigan Catholic Schools, Kent County Health Department and GHAPS. King Media now holds a total of 40 national and international awards.

The PRNEWS Awards spotlight the people, organizations and brands challenging assumptions, pushing boundaries and embracing the seemingly impossible to create winning campaigns. MarCom is one of the largest, most respected creative competitions in the world, receiving more than 6,000 entries globally.

King Media’s headquarters are in East Lansing, but they also have offices in St. Joseph and Grand Rapids.