St. Joseph Church Donates Nearly $20,000 To Ukraine

A church in St. Joseph has donated nearly $20,000 to relief efforts in Ukraine. The Rev. Jeffrey Hubers with First Congregational Church of St. Joseph tells WSJM News the church holds rummage sales twice a year, and for their spring sale this month, organizers wanted to donate the proceeds to people hurting in Ukraine.

“Our Missions Board, with the rummage sale coming up, offered up the idea of ‘Let’s commit a portion of the proceeds continuing to respond to the needs in Ukraine,” Hubers said. “That dialogue really morphed into, ‘Well, why instead of trying to determine a specific percentage or amount, let’s give everything. Let’s give everything that this sale produces to efforts in Ukraine.'”

Hubers says the church always donates the proceeds from its sales to charitable causes. He says the whole congregation was in favor of making Ukraine the cause with this latest sale, and the community agreed. Just about everything sold and people were generous with what they paid for items. Hubers says, “It feels right. This is what we’re called to do.” The church is working with United for Ukraine, the Red Cross, and the United Church of Christ to get the aid to those in need.

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